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R E S T L E S S   L E G S   S Y N D R O M E

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I have been a sufferer of Restless Legs at night for

over 35 years. I also get it during the evenings at

times or if travelling for long periods of time, or just

sitting in the theatre etc.,

About 30 years ago, I discovered that wearing a

specific type of copper bracelet on both wrists at

specific times gave me immediate relief.  This was

something I stumbled accross whilst trying the bracelets for something else. Wearing the bracelets every night has meant that I have been fortunate enough to enjoy restful nights and wake refreshed in the morning.

I have worn them at night (and sometimes during the evening and all night) ever since and try not to go anywhere without them. They truly have

made a big difference to my daily life as I am sure, if you are a sufferer, you will understand exactly why. Sleepless nights have a follow on effect the next day and can result in depression. Before I used the bracelets I would have constant disturbed nights which in turn would have a big impact on the next day. Travelling for any length of time or going to the theatre was also a nightmare before I came accross them. I have modified the bracelets, now called Halcyon Bracelets,  The bracelets contain 99.9% pure copper which has been used as a natural remedy for many ailments for centuries and they are nickel free, so they are perfectly natural.  I have tried other types of copper bracelets over the years (when perhaps I've forgotten them when going away) but no others have ever suited me as well as the ones I first came across all those years ago.  

Please read a few of the Testimonials by clicking on the tab above or click on the Facebook link to read some great comments by people that are using them.  To buy, please click on the ""Buy Your Bracelets" tab, also above.


For the bracelets to work effectively on my Restless Legs, I have to wear

them in a specific way.  Please see "Fitting your Halcyon Bracelets"  


Please do check out some of our testimonials above and also click on the Facebook icon to read more about the success many people are now having from wearing the bracelets.


Good luck and here's to a good nights sleep!!


Do you have Restless Legs?.... Twitchy Legs?.... A crawling sensation inside your legs? ....and the overwhelming urge to keep moving your legs in order to get some relief?  

My name is Sue Jarvis I am a working mum and Founder of Halcyon Bracelets. Whilst I have told my family and close friends about my bracelets over the years, I have also been wanting to tell fellow sufferers  about them so have set up this website in order to do so.  I have read many accounts of distress from people who have suffered for years with RLS and despite growing pressure and more research, it is still not clearly known for sure what causes restless legs.  As there is no known cure for restless legs, I feel compelled to spread the word about Halcyon Bracelets purely because they have worked for me so dramatically, and over such a long period of time.  I always wear one bracelet on each wrist at certain times so please read on for further details. I am pleased to say that not only have I had many testimonials from happy customers, but also a neurologist Dr Patrick Hogan is now recommending the bracelets for RLS.  You can see his full review on the "About" page.

As you will see from the above logo,Halcyon Bracelets website has received accreditation from The General Regulatory Council For Complementary Therapies This means that Halcyon Bracelets website meets the strict industry standards and requirements of law for online advertising in this field.






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                             Including cleaning cloth




I feel so strongly that this could work for you, that if after applying the Halcyon Bracelets over a period of 4 weeks in the way that I recommend, you do not enjoy any of the relief that I have experienced, please return them immediately after that period, together with the packaging and invoice and we will refund the purchase price.  

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“Halcyon Bracelets are a very useful additional tool to have for people who suffer the agony of RLS.”

Dr Patrick J Hogan - Neurologist, Tacoma WA


"These bracelets have changed my life. I could never sit still in the evening. I couldn't get to sleep because of RLS, now I sleep

peacefully all night. Wonderful.

Thank you."

Sally-Ann Christmas

23rd April 2016


As mentioned on BBC Radio Nottingham

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