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According to NHS figures as many as 1 in 10 may suffer with Restless Legs yet there is no know definite cure.  Many people the world over suffer with agitated and restless legs.  Symptoms seem to vary from an overwhelming urge to keep moving the legs, to a more acute discomfort and can be in other parts of the body too.  Halcyon Bracelets are made from the purest copper sourced from South Africa.  Copper has for many centuries been used for medicinal purposes and there is growing evidence of its effect on inflammation and bacteria.  Just recently a hospital clothing range has been launched with impregnated copper in order to combat and kill off MRSA.  Whilst there is yet any scientific link between Halcyon Bracelets and the effectiveness on Restless Legs, I do hope in time to be able to gain more information about this.  In the meantime, there are now many testimonials from people who are using them, so please click on the testimonials tab above or if you are using a mobile phone, click Menu at the very top of the page to find the link.  All the people that have sent in testimonials about Halcyon Bracelets have either, bought and used them for themselves or bought them for someone else who is using them.  Please also see below the review from Dr Patrick J Hogan D.O. who is now recommending the bracelets.  You can also read comments on the Halcyon Bracelets Facebook page.


















As mentioned above, to date there is no cure for Restless Leg Syndrome and despite growing research it is still not absolutely clear what causes RLS, however it is widely accepted that it is a neurological condition.

In the document  attached to the underlined link, you will read about the amount of electricity we have in our bodies (click on the underlined link and note the comment at the bottom)  Apparently, we as human beings have enough electricity in our bodies to light a 40 watt light bulb!! This electricity is contained in the cells around our body.  Now, I am not medically trained...however, I do not need to be medically trained to know that over the last 35 years, at bedtime or when sitting for any length of time, if I do not take any measures to control them, my legs feel literally as though they are plugged into the electrical circuit! I find it impossible to just sit and relax.  I have the constant desire to keep kicking or jerking them and I get very little rest.  This area of bodily electricity is the area I am very keen to investigate further.  

I consider myself very lucky to have found the bracelets all those years ago and do hope that you benefit from them as much as I do..  




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“I am a neurologist who works with movement disorders which include Restless Legs Syndrome.  I became aware of Halcyon Bracelets through the leader of our local RLS support group.  He has suffered a great deal from RLS despite all state of the art medical therapies and alternative therapies.  However, since wearing Halcyon Bracelets alongside his medication, he has had a very good response which has allowed him to rest peacefully. I also ordered a pair for my wife who has intermittent RLS before recommending them to anyone else. Having used them on her RLS nights, she also had quite impressive positive benefits.  I have since recommended them to a number of people with RLS who have not had adequate response to medication, or would prefer to use something without a systemic medication effect. Although the mechanism of action of Halcyon Bracelets on RLS can only be speculation at this stage, it is certainly not harmful and obviously has vastly less cost and side effects than adding additional medications.  I do not expect them to be a cure for RLS, as there is not yet a cure, or to negate the need for medication for some sufferers, but they are a very useful additional tool to have for people who suffer the agony of RLS.”


Dr Patrick J Hogan DO Neurologist

Tacoma, Washington USA

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