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When should I wear my bracelets?

You should only wear your bracelets at bedtime or when your legs are troubling you perhaps whilst sitting down.  You can put them on during the evening if your legs start troubling you and leave on until  the morning if needs be.  If your legs don't generally start until you are in bed, put them on at bedtime as a matter of course.  Take off in the morning.

Do not wear them continually.



How do I clean my bracelets?

Clean your Halcyon Bracelets as  you would clean your other jewellery.   Use a good jewellery cleaning cloth to keep the outside polished and the inside clean.  Your initial purchase comes with a fee cleaning cloth.


You can purchase additional cleaning cloths on the website for  £1.25


We recommend that you clean your bracelets regularly, approx. every 1 -2 weeks to stop a build up of dirt and grime on the underside, which can cause a skin irritation if it blocks the pores.  We recommend you use our Cleaning Cloth but a good copper cleaning cloth should be good enough. Always wash with soapy water and rinse well with clean water after using a cleaning cloth and dry before wearing. DO NOT use any abrasive material on the bracelet as this will damage the surface of the bracelet and spoil the look.


When will they start to work?

Everyone is different.  There is no set time for them to work but for me they usually work within a few minutes of putting them on securely.   If they take longer try wetting the underside of your wrists slightly where the bracelets touch the skin.  


Are they safe?

Halcyon Bracelets are made of 99.9% pure copper and are entirely natural and nickel free.


Which wrist do I need to wear my bracelets on?

Always wear one bracelet on each wrist.



Will the bracelets turn my wrist green?

Any bracelet that contains copper will leave a greenish/blackish mark on your wrist.  This is the copper residue.  This discolouration is a natural reaction of copper and can be easily cleaned off with warm soapy water.


How long is delivery?

Provided the size you require is in stock, we aim to send out your bracelets either on the same day or by the next working day of your order.  If your size is out of stock please allow up to 21 days for delivery.