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Most people find that Restless Legs start at bedtime or when sitting for long periods of time. I have found that

Halcyon Bracelets are most effective for me if I only wear them at bedtime or when my legs start to disturb me most.  In other words I do not wear them all day long if my legs aren't causing me any discomfort. I only tend to wear them at bedtime or during the evening and then through the night if my legs start earlier.  Otherwise I put them on at bedtime as a matter of course.

I have found from experience that wearing them all day makes them lose their effectiveness at night, or when I need them if sitting down.  Always wear your Halcyon Bracelets on both wrists. Put them on preferrably at bedtime, or during the evening if needed, and take them off in the morning.

"For me just one bracelet doesn't do the job."

Make sure that your bracelets sit snug against your wrists with the gap about half an inch or so showing on the top. The underside and top of your wrist should make good contact with the bracelets. Once you have squeezed the bracelets together, slide up your arm to make a good snug fit.  It is OK if they sit approx 2 inches up your arm, as long as they aren't loose.

See illustration above.






Slide the bracelet on the wrist at its narrowist part, gently widening the gap if necessary. Ensure the gap is positioned on top of the wrist and that the ends do not touch.  Squeeze the bracelets to fit comfortably around your wrist leaving  approximately half to an inch gap.  If difficult to squeeze to half an inch whilst on the wrist, try squeezing together off the wrist first before putting them on.


Repeat process for both wrists.

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It is important to put on and remove your bracelets with care, using little force to avoid damaging the structure of the

bracelet.  Make sure that the ends of the bracelet do not touch.




Halcyon Bracelets should be given the same care that you would give to any fine jewellery.  They will need cleaning

every two to three weeks as the copper will oxidise and tarnish if not cleaned regularly.  


We recommend The Halcyon Cleaning Cloth to clean your bracelets which can be purchased along with your bracelets.  However, a good copper cleaning cloth should be good enough.  DO NOT use any abrasive material on the bracelet as this will damage the surface of the bracelet and spoil the look.


To clean your bracelets with our easy to use cleaning cloth please see instruction that come with the cloth.


You may find a greenish colouring appear on your wrists from time to time.  This is perfectly normal as the copper mixes with the skins acidity.  It is easily removed with soap and water.


As with other jewellery, it is possible, although very rare, that a copper bracelet may cause contact dermatitis.  If after thoroughly cleaning the bracelets, this continues, discontinue wearing them.


Please note that if you are taking medication for Restless Legs Syndrome, you should consult your doctor should you decide to cut down or stop it altogether.







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