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"THESE BRACELETS HAVE BEEN A GODSEND". I've had them for about 18 months. I took them on the flight to Tenerife, no restless legs for me. Wouldn't be without them now. 100% recommend

Fiona Bailey 7th September 2016


Dear Sue,

I have been suffering from restless leg syndrome for a number of years and tried the halcyon bracelets for the first time over a year ago. Since using them I have had better quality sleep and it has stopped my restless legs. If I don't wear them I have a terrible nights sleep waking up constantly. My daughter has also suffered with the same problem and has had the bracelets for about three years, her sleep is also undisturbed if she wears them. We are so impressed by them and have recommended them to friends and family. They are well worth every penny, thank you.

Kind regards,

Jackie Evans 24/08/2016


These little bracelets have been fantastic!

I never go anywhere without them as my sensations come on early evening when too hot/too cold. Beforehand visits to cinema/theatre or just eating out would fill me with dread and I usually spent most of the time pacing the floor. So reassuring now.

Pauline Fawcett 12th July 2016


I would be lost without these bands they r amazing I have fibromyalgia and suffer with RLS on night shifts as well as bedtime these bands have saved me x

JoJo Kitty 11th July 2016


I was so desperate to try anything to stop my legs from fidgeting at night and not sleeping, so when I ordered the bracelets  over the phone and was pleased to have a nice chat with you who gave me confidence that something may actually help at last after trying everything possible. Every night I would use ibuprofen on my  calf’s and put my feet on my circulation booster and then my restless legs still would start once in bed or if sitting.  When the bracelets  arrived last weekend the  first Night yes the first night without using creams for the calf’s or the electric currents to help circulation I did not have the restless legs, I could not believe it , I thought it was purely in my mind but all over the weekend I put them on when sitting down at night and could watch a whole film without fidgeting and when In bed able to sleep.  I do not care if people think it is in my head it works whatever it does and I now will never be without my bracelets

All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you

Lesley Deane 27th June 2016


Had mine about 2 years and couldn't live without them now. Bought some for my sister and they work for her too.

Mandi Withycombe 22nd June, 2016


They are amazing bought mine a month ago I have not had any restless legs or arms during that time, my only regret is all the suffering I have endured over the past 30 years, I was a bit sceptical but thought I would give them a go, so glad I did, thank you so much

Susan Perrin 16th May, 2016


Had them for a few months and couldn't do without them.. The best money I have ever spent.  They really do work.

Irene Lawrence 2nd May, 2016


These have changed my life! Honestly I have suffered with restless legs and arms for years and last year diagnosed with fibromyalgia. These worn each night have stopped the terrible sensation and need to constantly move my arms and legs, I have also now found the best thing to get rid of the green rings around my wrist each morning too JML Magic sponge! Works a treat. If you think they may help you don't hesitate any more! Xx

Beverley Loxston-Bown 20th March, 2016


I just want to say a Huge Thank you from my hubby and me. The bracelets we bought from you a few months ago, have transformed both of our lives. My hubby used to have jumpy legs every night for more than 20 years, but now he sleeps like a baby. Fantastic. Thank you

Maggie Jenkins 16th February, 2016


I've been using these bracelets for almost three weeks now and the relief I'm experiencing is amazing. I've suffered from RLS for as long as I can remember and being able to go to bed and actually have a decent night's sleep and wake up refreshed is wonderful. Thank you Halcyon

Avril Tognarelli 1st February, 2016


I have suffered from restless legs for a few years, I have EDS/hypermobility and have a lot of pain. I have had your bracelets for three weeks now and have not had a second’s trouble with RLS or, as an added bonus, any cramp in my legs or feet at all. This is amazing!! I have to admit I was very sceptical!! I have tried a large number of alternative, herbal, non-medical, diet based and basically anything I can think of based products, to try and lessen the pain and discomfort...and none of them have ever worked. these bracelets however have surprised me beyond belief!! They really are brilliant!

Karma Violet 24th January, 2016


To anyone who is worried about spending the money and them not being worth it...I am telling you...they really really are!!Hi sue I must say since I have been wearing the bracelets I have had really good nights sleep I wish I had found these years ago they are brilliant no more restless legs. I would recommend these bracelets to any one. Regards

Susan Reid 24th January, 2016


I get restless arms as well but since using the bracelets, wow! Off drugs,not using aqueous cream ( I know weird but worked for me!) My doctor looked at me as though I was daft! But they work, sleep is amazing now! If my mum was alive I would get her a pair ,she suffered too. Recommend these to any one!

Kind regards Eileen Shankley 10th January, 2016


The bracelets work I haven't had RLS since wearing them I am sleeping lovely before I had them I was up in the night walking up and down and I suffer with   Fibromyalgia which also is a lot less painful had it terrible in my legs back around my ribs in fact everywhere and it is now almost gone haven't took any pain killers since having the bracelets .... I have no idea how it works but it dose FANTASTIC THANK YOU I shall get another pair later

Elaine Herridge 6th January 2016


I ordered the bracelets because I have restless arms and it was driving me insane. When I saw my GP about it  he looked at me like I had lost the plot. I know what I was going through  I couldn't sleep because of it and I would sit up in tears bruising my arms by running my knuckles over them to try and stop the horrible feeling in my arms. Now I don't have any of that anymore, I was sceptical tbh because I thought how could these things work?? They do, the more tired I am the restlessness would start. I put them on at the first sign, I have slept with them on every night since I received them. Highly recommend, I don't know how or why they work but they have stopped my misery

Michelle Pennington 27th December, 2015


Hi Sue,  Two weeks ago I got my halcyonbracelets in the post. I couldn't wait to use them after hearing great reports from a friend who suffers with RLS. I didn't suffer as much from that but more with my fibromyalgia and restlessness in general. I can't praise these bracelets highly enough. From day one I have seen the benefits. I still have my obvious pains etc but I can settle better at night and get into a sleep. I absolutely swear by them now and as soon as I'm going to bed, I put the bracelets on. I will be spreading the word as far and wide as I can, in the hope of helping others.

I am extremely grateful for this product and I will continue to order them as and when I need to. Sincere thanks

Patricia Forsythe 20th November, 2015 Northern Ireland  


Hi, Just thought I would let you know how I've got on with bracelets. Having had restless less leg associated with Fibromyalgia for the past 4years, I put the bracelets on the very night I received then, well, I can't believe how they took away all the pain and restless leg syndrome. I'm so glad I ordered them. Absolutely brilliant. :-). Please feel free to quote me.

Kind regards

Michael Bond 11th November, 2015


Can't believe how good they  are suffer really badly when flying and since getting them my awful experience of RLS has GONE.  Any time I have been over tired and it's started in the  house. I just pop them on and within a short space of time all is great again . Wouldn't be with out them. Thanks Sue

Ruth Mercer 9th November, 2015



I have been using thee for 2 weeks & have to say I was sceptical, I've spent literally thousands on my poor health, from DDD, FM, Arthritis, restless body syndrome, pain from breast cancer, hypersensitivity, insomnia  etc. I have to say that I've never stayed in bed so long in ten years. When I remove the bracelets my pain intensifies, so definitely doing something definitely recommend well worth a try. Thank you Halcyon. & thank you to my lovely daughter for buying them x

Debbie Randall 7th November, 2015


I have been using my bracelets for 3 weeks now haven't had any pain killers since wearing them at night. I also wore them while travelling to Spain they worked brilliantly. Recommend them to anyone xx

Aina Gough 7th November, 2015


Latest update on bracelets purchased for my husband. What an improvement- violent shakes spasms greatly reduced and now increasing length of sleep per night. Relief for all. dependant on how much activity per day and also making sure the bracelets are put on when symptoms start. I have another customer for you- once he measures his wrists will recontact you.

Irene McFadden 5th November, 2015


I have Fibromyalgia, Crohnes and restless legs in both arms and legs I bought these in August they are wonderful, in fact last night I woke up and my arms were giving me gipp, and then I realised I had forgotten my bracelets! Popped them on and was asleep again within 15 mins, I have recommended them to lots of people x

Beverly Loxston-Bown 12th October, 2015



I had to write to thank you, I purchased my bracelets a couple of months ago after suffering restless legs for a number of years as a complication of another condition.


I could not believe that they worked from the first day I wore them, I thought I was imagining it!! But a couple of months later I am still sleeping at night.


I sometimes start with the sensations in the day time, so I just pop the bracelets on for an hour and it clears it up straight away.

Thanks again

SUE HOGAN 26th August, 2015



Hi Sue,

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and M.E in 2008, from then until this year I have been prescribed many many medications.

Fibromyalgia is like having the pain of rheumatism or arthritis but without the disfigurement. And although people think the people like me with M.E sleep a lot, we don't go into the deep stage of sleep, so we are constantly exhausted, add pain and RLS to this and it’s not pleasant to say the least!!

I find that sitting for any period of time my legs ache so much it gets to the point that the pain makes me feel sick.

So sick of drugs I've looked into alternative's and your bracelets popped up on Facebook, after reading the reviews I thought I have nothing to lose.

Since wearing them the symptoms of RLS have disappeared, and the pains I get in my arms are so less severe, it’s a godsend as I used to cry with the pain. I'm taking less medication ( only paracetamol and codeine) and if any pain starts to get too much I pop one on for a bit or overnight.

Just being able to sleep better without the fidgeting of RLS is fantastic.


I would recommend them so highly


Dawn Doherty 25th August 2015



Absolutely brilliant had rls for years some nights my body would be crying out for sleep but couldn't because of my legs. Bought these last week & from the first night NO RESTLESS LEGS. I forgot to put them on one night & my legs started, put them on & within minutes my legs settled. Thank you so much to the person who discovered these

Jayne Wilson 25th August, 2015


I recently bought your bracelets, and can honestly say I was not expecting them to work, but they do. I no longer have a miserable time in the evenings and also I get a decent night’s sleep. My RLS had recently got so bad that not only were the evenings uncomfortable but I also started kicking my poor husband during the night. This I am pleased to say does not happen anymore.


So thank you. Money well spent.



Anjie Sutherland 15th August 2015



Hi I just wanted to thank you.  I don't remember when I brought these bracelets,  not that long ago.  I was suffering badly with restless leg syndrome.  I had it, through my pregnancy and now that I have my 3rd child,  sleep is so precious.  I got very low as when I was unable to sleep due to RLS, it was driving me crazy.  Since wearing these bracelets, I have not experienced RLS. I am so thankful, I cannot tell you.

Many thanks Emma Peck 13th August, 2015


I bought these bracelets as well a few weeks ago and they are most definitely a miracle . I have been suffering from RLS for a long time and as soon as I put these bracelets on no more jitters in my legs I think these should be sold in every pharmacy In the world .thumbs up to whoever invented them .

Nuala Marian Okane 10th August, 2015


I bought these a few weeks ago and can highly recommend them as soon as I feel my legs start I put them on and as if by magic they stop. They even worked on our flight going on holiday xxxxxxx

Ann Thompson 6th August 2015


Hello Sue

Many thanks for the bracelets I am overjoyed at how well they work, after 30 years of misery at last something that actually works. Wth kind regards  

Allan Stevens  24th July 2015


"25 years I have suffered from this stupid debilitating affliction. Serious sleep deprivation, pills, special foods, avoidance of theatre/cinema, arguments, driving my wife nuts by selecting low salt foods, magnesium. - I put these on and it STOPPED IMMEDIATELY. I don't wear them all day as you suggest just at nights. Just ordered a spare pair - never want to be without them in my life. Desperation drove me to buy when the RLS was 24 hours recently. I Suspect getting the right wrist size is paramount.

I don't know why I haven't tried them before. My life has completely changed, how can I ever thank you. Very happy to be a reference for any doubters.

I will still avoid too much salt but WOW.


Mike Brooks 18th July 2015 via email.



I was very sceptical. I'm a nurse and have tried everything but these bracelets are amazing. They really work and I've slept really well since I started using them. No problems with green marks they just wash off and are a small price to pay for such great relief. I urge anyone to try them.

Vivien Dolden 13th July 2015


John Pearson appeared on BBC Radio Nottingham in June 2015 bravely talking about his plight with RLS and made these comments on Facebook

Have used these bracelets for around 4/5 weeks. After 30 odd years of suffering this insidious health problem, trying many different types of medication, Accupuncture, Hypnosis, meditation etc nothing gave relief for more than a few weeks. 15 years ago the symptoms became chronic, getting no more than 4 to 5 hours broken sleep PER WEEK!!!! Many times in the darkest moments dark  thoughts would cross my mind, fleeting thoughts but there non the less. However better days appear to be here, the bracelets have given me so much relief it's unbelievable, in these past 4/5 weeks I have had mild RLS for no more than about an hour just twice. They cost a measly £19.95 per pair. I would have happily paid thousands for the relief I now get, had I known about or had they been around all those years ago.

If your suffering I cannot recommend these bracelets highly enough, and for just £19.95 what have you got to lose. They've certainly turned my world upside down, but in such a wonderful way. Go to and read the info there.

John Pearson Via Facebook 1st July, 2015


Can't be without them now after years of no sleep with the pains in my legs which was driving me insane, now I just pop them on before bed then sleep like a baby

Janice Parkinson 30th June, 2015


I have had mine a couple of weeks now and love them what a difference they have made to my life my restless legs is usually in the evening or in bed. Put these on and within 20 mins I have relief. After years of suffering RLS it has now gone and strangely enough I'm always up and down all night and usually find it hard to get back to sleep and now find with my brackets on I nod of no problems at all. Thank you xx

Angela McGovern 30th June, 2015


Thank you thank you thank you! I am getting sleep!!!! I really can't thank you enough-since I've had the bracelets I have slept-I'm so very grateful and will be recommending you to anyone who has RLS-I am truly astounded!

Thank you for your wonderful service and all your help-you have changed my life.

Lisa Hodgkins 26th June, 2015


My husband suffered every night, until i purchases these bracelets. He was skeptical at first, but said he would try anything to be rid of his restless legs. Two weeks later, and he hasnt had any discomfort at all!!!

Cindy Zarczynski 26th June, 2015


Hi Sue, I've had my brackets over a month now,  and I admit I was sceptical about buying them as it did sound to good to be true,  but I have to say I'm pleased I got them as they Do work. My goddaughter also suffers and she used them for a weekend break and was so pleased I bought her a pair. I don't use them every night but if I feel my legs starting them I pop them on and then after 20 mins I think oh my legs have stopped. So a big thank you for this wonderful product.

Fiona from Southport. 25th June 2015


I have reported before about these 'miracle' bracelets. Only RLS sufferers will understand the significance of that word! Now 7 months down the track I have almost forgotten how awful an affliction this RLS is. I was at my wits end and swallowing more and more chemicals to try to alleviate the symptoms. I now live a normal life. I can sit and relax, go to the cinema and above all I sleep without interruption and these are but a few of the problems that I used to experience. The nights of walking around on cold floors and putting my feet into the fridge for relief are gone. Thank you once again from a severe RLS sufferer.

Christopher Carlisle-Kitz 9th June, 2015


Hi Sue

Truly amazing! Since receiving my bracelets I have only had 2 evening of restless legs and they were both my fault for not putting the bracelets on early enough.

I don't suffer during the night, my problems are when I sit down on an evening. Put by popping the bracelets on my problems are relieved! I am so thankful for them. I recommend them to anyone I know who suffers.Thank you so much for changing my life. Xx

Susan Mell 7th June, 2015



They have helped enormously, as soon as it starts I put on the bracelets and the relief it's brilliant  I'm just amazed !

Thank you !


Elizabeth Hamilton 5th June, 2015


Dear Sue,

I ordered your bracelets after having googled restless legs in desperation. I could have bought pills, but I am so tired of all pills you have to reorder all the time, that I thought "not another pill". I then spotted your website and ordered the bracelets straight away. I have now worn them for 3 nights and slept so much better without waking up and having to walk around several times. Not a single moment with the dreaded feeling in the legs. I am already putting a reminder in my diary to reorder another pair in 2 years time.


Best regards from Gibraltar,

Siri MacEwen 2nd June, 2015


Hi Sue

Bought my bracelets about 5 weeks ago, bit sceptical at first but now  absolutely brilliant, only had one little blip one night.  Tried loads of other supposed cures in the past but nothing seemed to work - until now !!!

Just bought another set just so I always have one in case they ever snap

Anne Hiscock 31st May, 2015



Sally Reid My husband had RLS it was very bad , use to be up walking the floor at night but the bracelets changed that he goes to sleep as soon as he goes to bed and stays asleep all night, so it's good for me too !!!

Sally Ried Via Facebook 26th May 2015



"I have suffered with restless legs for absolutely years and even been to the doctors for medication (which didn't work) I thought I would send for the bracelets. They came within days and a couple of days later my legs started again. I popped the bracelets on and within 5 mins my legs had settled down and I had a great nights sleep. I have used them numerous times now and have told friends about them. My friends bought them and they are impressed also. Thank you"

Norma Kennerley 25th May, 2015



I received my bracelets about a month ago, like many of your other customers I was somewhat sceptical but was willing to try anything. I usually suffer in the evening or when I am tired. I don't know how or why they work,but work they do and I just wanted to say thank you.

Barry Close 25th May, 2015


I have had mine for about 9 weeks and they are wonderful have even gone the odd night without them I tell anyone who will listen to get them I could not go back the them dark sleepless nights x

Jean Elaine Parker 21st May 2015


My husband has RLS. He has used your bracelets for a little over a year and the results have been amazing. I wrote a history testimonial on your facebook page where i originally heard about you. I can honestly say these have changed our lives.

Carleen Curtis 21st May 2015


I bought these they are amazing, I've suffered severe restless leg syndrome since I was 13 that was over 30 years ago and I haven't had a good night's sleep until I wore these they worked instantly, I also have psoriatic arthritis and they have helped with too.

Jane Wylde 9th May, 2015



I am a fit and healthy 70 year old man. I have suffered from RLS since I was about 10 years old. The syndrome got slowly worse over the years. In the end I was taking drugs on ever increasing dosages. Then I found the bracelets. I was very skeptical but thought all the comments on your site can't be wrong. From day one of wearing the bracelets I stopped the pills and the restless legs have gone! For me this is a miracle and has changed my life. I sleep, sit down and relax in comfort, go to the cinema and feel great!

Christopher Carlisle-Kitz Friday, 8th May, 2015



I also suffered from RLS and thought I would try them and it worked! Soon as I feel it starting I put them on and it goes away bliss!! Thank you !!

Elizabeth Hamilton 21st April,, 2015



"Hi Sue just wanted to let you know it's been about a week since getting my bracelets and omg what a difference. I was starting to get the same effects of the legs on my arms too. Nights were becoming unbearable. Since I got the bracelets not one twitch ANYWHERE! Praise God for these bracelets that's all I can say. I was telling my cousin Sara in Portugal she has the same problem and she's going to measure her wrists for me so I can get her some too."

Lina Teresa Pinto 21st April, 2015



I have suffered with RLS for several years.  I was prescribed Ropinirole which had little or no effect.  Pregabalin was added which sent my weight from 14 stone up to 17 stone.  Cutting out the pregabalin helped lose some weight.  Then my son showed me the advert for HALYCON BRACELETS.  I bought them and wore them at night.  For me after several years of RLS, they actually work and I would recommend them to any sufferers of RLS.  Give them a try and get some peace at night

Ramon Bashford 20th April, 2015



Hi Sue I want to thank you very much for my bracelets , I have suffered with RLS for over 30 years having tried everything ...nothing worked got my bracelets 3 months ago and I have not had one sleepless night since. Please please people spend £20 and get peace from your legs will not regret it. Sue keep on advertising to get your bracelets out there ,if only people weren't so sceptical and just tried them xxx

Val Jones 7th April, 2015



Hello Sue

The bracelets have been an absolute godsend to me, and in the year that I have been wearing them I have only had 2 very small episodes, and I mean small.  Never has a day gone by that I haven't worn my bracelets to go to bed. This is the only time I wear them, as I am lucky to only have this problem in the evening when I go to bed.


The problem that I was going to write to you about is - I have developed an itchy rash right where my bracelets go. I have tried numerous creams , antiseptics and moisturising ,and they do help, but as soon as I wear the bracelets at night, the rash starts to itch again. There is no way that I am going to stop wearing them, but just wondered if you have heard of this problem from anybody else.


My friend , whom I bought the bracelets for, has also had very good results ,and she has not had the restless leg problem since. Her problem was also only at night.

Margaret Bradley 2nd April, 2015


Hello Sue


I've delayed writing to you to have more proof and also because I'm almost afraid to say - I'm having good sleep now at night and have only had a flicker of the restless leg syndrome in one leg one night, which responded to me getting up having cocoa and putting on a second bracelet on the one arm that the smaller ones fit.


It's absolutely amazing and allows me to get on with life and have the energy to do so most of the time - making allowances for the days whenI've over done it and have to recover. I'm moving house so lots to do!


Thank you so much for finding these and for setting up your business to help others. It's a miserable thing and really exasperating. I often had to get up at least three times and frequently got no sleep until 3.a.m. in the mornings. Long may it last and I shall be back for more cloths and bracelets when they are past their best.


Very best wishes

Stella 27th March, 2015


They are absolutely amazing and worth every penny! No more RLS! Wonderful.

Lynn Clynes 24th March, 2015


Hello Sue

I am nearly 74 and have had RLS for well over 25 years. It became really unbearable towards the end of 2014 early Jan 2015. My husband decided to search the internet for a herbal cure but fortunately came across your website. After reading the testimonials he sent off for a pair of bracelets for me. WOW. I can’t describe the relief I have had since the middle of January. Every night free of RLS. My only problem now is the discomfort I still get in my left knee following full replacement surgery in Feb 2013. At least I don’t have RLS. Thank you so much. Regards.

Maureen Burford.

Wirral, Merseyside. 23rd March, 2015


Hi sue

thanks so much for the bracelets they are amazing. When I received them I didnt think they would work but the first time I

suffered after receiving them I put them on not thinking i would get to sleep but I was so happy when I awoke knowing that they had thanks again.  I have worn them many times since with great success each time


Carol Hill 4th March, 2015


My RLS was so bad I was almost breaking my own limbs with frustration. Had my bracelets a couple of months now and not suffered a day since... truly are miraculous!

Elaine Leonard Middleton 3rd March, 2015


Dear Sue

I've been meaning to write for ages. When I found your website, via Google, in Nov 2014 I was DESPERATE. I didn't know how to tolerate my RLS, it was SO bad. The bracelets immediately helped and now I put them on if I feel RLS coming on and it fades away. Since having them I haven't had a single bad episode, hardly anything at all. It's really remarkable as I am 73 and have suffered horribly for 40 years and especially in the last 10. The relief from these bracelets has been miraculous. They definitely work at optimum when cleaned so I did order another 6 cloths. THANK YOU Sue you've been a lifesaver. My husband thanks you too. He hated to see me suffer, but that's all over and we can both sleep at night!!

Very kind regards

Joy Compton

2nd March 2015



“I am a neurologist who works with movement disorders which include Restless Legs Syndrome. I became aware of Halcyon Bracelets through the leader of our local RLS support group. He has suffered a great deal from RLS despite all state of the art medical therapies and alternative therapies. However, since wearing Halcyon Bracelets alongside his medication, he has had a very good response which has allowed him to rest peacefully. I also ordered a pair for my wife who has intermittent RLS before recommending them to anyone else. Having used them on her RLS nights, she also had quite impressive positive benefits. I have since recommended them to a number of people with RLS who have not had adequate response to medication, or would prefer to use something without a systemic medication effect. Although the mechanism of action of Halcyon Bracelets on RLS can only be speculation at this stage, it is certainly not harmful and obviously has vastly less cost and side effects than adding additional medications. I do not expect them to be a cure for RLS, as there is yet a cure, or to negate the need for medication for some sufferers, but they are a very useful additional tool to have for people who suffer the agony of RLS.”

Dr Patrick J Hogan

Tacoma, Washington USA 23rd February, 2015


They work for me. Severe RLS sufferer most of my life.

Christopher Carlisle-Kitz  21st January, 2015


I had a pair as a Xmas present and they work, I get RLS when I'm sitting down at night and I put them on every night and hardly get restless legs at all now.

Karon Hayes via  Facebook 21st January, 2015


Hi Sue

The bracelets are brilliant,from the first time I wore them I have not suffered from irritable legs at nightime. I wore them every night for quite some time but now only wear them if I feel an attack coming on.I bless the day I saw your website.

I wish you a very happy new year

with kind regards

Maria Ball via email 10th January, 2015


I have suffered for many years with this horrible RLS have been using mine now for about 3weeks and have found they do help still the odd night but after having so much broken sleep over the years I now finally am getting more rest, so to other sufferers do give them a try nothing else has worked for me, so happy .thankyou.

Nicolette Boyle O'Flaherty 2nd January, 2015



I suffered dreadfully from restless legs,tried these now for 3 months! Brilliant!! couldn't be without them!!!!!

Val Higgins 29th December, 2014 via Facebook


My partner has now had his bracelets for 8 nights and has had a hitherto unknown sequence of 8 nights uninterrupted sleep. Wonderful! Thank you so much from both of us. I have already recommended them to another friend whose mother suffers the same way.

Ruth - Birmingham 28th December, 2014 via email



Dear Sue,

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for inventing these bracelets, as my sister has been suffering with the restlesslegs syndrome for over 20 years. And after using these Bracelets she's had the best sleep ever in years. So I highly recommend these to anyone who suffers from this syndrome. And now I have just ordered another pair for my niece who is also suffering from this syndrome asshe has arthritis too, and has sleepless nights due to that.

So thank you very very much Sue. All the best.

Kind regards

Rizwana Ajaz Sent from my iPad 1 7th November 2014


Hi Sue

I just want to say how wonderful the bracelets are I have used them a few times now and OMG they do what you said, I have had a full nights sleep every time they have changed my life, I don't feel stressed out coz I haven't slept properly and I would recommend them to anyone who suffers with this problem.


Thank you

Steph Robinson 15/11/2014



I have been using the bracelets for a few months now and they do help, I put them on an hour or so before bed and tend, most of the time not to get any problems with my legs. Thank you very much, I highly recommend them to anybody who suffers from restless legs.



Ashley Turner via email 11th November, 2014


The Halcyon Bracelets have been a great help. I manage to sleep through most nights now and do not need to wear them as often. When I do I can tell the difference as is calms down the symptoms each time. If the Restless leg syndrome starts playing up during the day and in the evening then I don't hesitate to put them on and then I start to feel some relief.


Thanks for a great product!

Becky Rayner November 9th 2014


Yes yes yes, can't tell you enough how good these bracelets are. I also take magnesium which in combination with these bracelets give me restless leg syndrome free nights. I would recommend them to everybody xx


Ness Attenborough 25th October, 2014 Via Facebook


Hi I received these bracelets last week so have worn them everynight since. First night same as always, 2nd bit better 3rd and rest excellent nights sleep every night. Going to try them out on long drive see how they help as normally can't sit in car for more than an hour thank you again xx

Diane Waterston 25th October 2014 Via Facebook


Hi I brought these a little time ago.I have suffered from legs and arms being restless for many years and this is the first time I have been able to have a good nights sleep for a long time without constantly waking up.I have recommended them to a friend who has the same problem.I didn't really expect the results I got so I am very pleased with them.Thank you

Victoria Southcott  

Sent by iPad 20th October, 2014


Dear Mrs. Jarvis,

Thank you for your courteous and trusting business arrangements, rare in todays world.

Yours  faithfully,

Rose McGhee & James McGhee (Brother and recipient) 9th October, 2014



I know it's been a while since we last conversed.  I'm one of probably a large number of RLS (Willis-Ekbom Disease) sufferers who you have converted from sceptic to true believer.  As soon as I get that impending feeling of symptoms I put on the bracelets and witness the symptoms dissolve away, usually in a few minutes.  I take them anywhere I know I'll be seated for a lengthy period of time.  It's comforting to know that there is a non-pharma solution available.  My friend's son will be ordering from you shortly.

Thankful Yank - Al 9th October, 2014



Ever since I had my baby, my symptoms have gone back to what they were before the pregnancy. And now the bracelets give me instant relief. I'm now coming across other sufferers. One being a 94 year old woman. Her symptoms really get her down and I've recommended your website. Hope they give her the same relief as they have with me. X x x x

Ciara Tanner 30th September,2014



There's not much to say but THANK YOU! I can actually get a great nights sleep now, I didn't think the bracelets were going to work, but they do it's great. Every now and then I get a slight sensation that I'm gonna have a bad night, but it never comes to anything (usually when they need a little clean).


So far so good, so once again thank you so much

Simon Oram 29th September, 2014



Hi there

I have fibromyalgia and get restless legs some of the time.  I tried the bracelets and there was a small improvement.  I must admit to forgetting them until last week, when I was being driven mad by my legs constantly moving and disturbing my sleep. I then remembered them and WOW!!!! they soon had an amazing affect.  I was asleep within a

few mins and had a fab sleep, thanks to the bracelets.

Nita Meager 29th September, 2014



I love the bracelets, they're the best thing ever.  I wear them every night and I always get a fantastic night's sleep.  I've let everyone know about them & how good they are & I know that other people have ordered them. They are super fantastic, thanks Sue

Mary McIntyre 29th September, 201



Hi Sue,

These bracelets have helped me enormously. I was a bit sceptical I must admit, but soon changed after some good night's sleep.

I would certainly recommend them.

Jenny, Aberdeenshire 16th September, 2014


Hi, Sue,

The bracelets are the very best value for money I have ever spent,I have had the best nights sleep in many years they worked within days,would recommend them to any one.


Ron Garstang -4th September, 2014


Hi Sue

I’ve been wearing the copper bracelets now for about 10 days and am finding them very beneficial with my restless legs at night. I know  its early days but I am so grateful for finding them and would highly recommend them to any sufferers.


Kind regards

Maria Kolasinska 27th August, 2014


Hi Sue

I purchased your halcyon bracelets and received them on August 1st.  I’ve been a sufferer of RLS for over 27 years and even with medication I still didn’t find relief, that is until now.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for creating this product and to say they are AMAZING, it took a few days for me to start getting any relief.   Now after wearing them from dinner time onwards and now having a peaceful evening and sleeping all night (something that I forgot what felt like as the RLS drove me demented from early evening and through the night).


I am now telling everyone about these bracelets and cannot promote them enough.


Yours sincerely, a very happy customer

Karen Kelly 12th August 2014



Had mine a few weeks & they have made a huge difference. I stopped all my medication as I was getting augmentation & tried Halycon bracelets. Only put them on when symptoms start & take them off in the morning.

Ann Sims 11th August 2014 Via Facebook



I just wanted to say thank you for these. As a 53 year old I've suffered from RLS all my adult life.  It's been miserable at times & I've tried every trick in the book.  After finding these bracelets I was sceptical but had nothing to lose.  After one week I'm happy to report I've not had a single episode of RLS since.  Amazing. Life changing.  Thanks again.

Rob Buckell 7th August 2014



These are an absolute godsend! I brought these for my husband-i don't think until now he had ever slept a whole night due to RLS-wiggling and jiggling all night (very annoying for me too! ) but seriously-almost instantly his RLS had stopped. It still starts late evening, but in bed when his bands are on. ... Nothing! I will write any testimonial you want me too, these really amazing-Thank you xxxx

Charlene Patience


"They are my lifeline"

Janet Wild -  Facebook 21st July 2014



I have suffered RLS for many of years. But I have been using my braclets for 2 weeks now and I must say it the best 2 weeks I have had in years get a full night sleep and not even a twitch and not up walking the floors all hours of the night and mornings I was not on any medication as I am a transplant patient so the bracelets are an alternative to taking medication. And I do agree the doctors should look for alternatives rather than just handing out pills thanks to Facebook I found out about the bracelets first night I put them on the feeling in my legs stopped and has for the past two weeks I hope it continues.

Andrew Richards Facebook 18th July 2014


My daughter bought me some of your bracelets for my restless legs

which I have had for many years. By the second night they had made a big differance to me, I have worn then every evening now for the past 4 weeks what a differance they have made. Thank you again.


Regards Lynne Throup via Facebook 16th uly 2014


I was on ropinirole for couple of years and suffered every night. Recently started on dopamine slow release 24hr patches and was devastated as I was still suffering. I have been referred to neurologist but since my bangles arrived I haven't had a sleepless night!

If I haven't got them on yet and I start to feel the 'crawling, creeping twitches' I put them on straight away and it halts it.

I think doctors should be recommending them.


Alice Ellen Roberts via Facebook 16th July 2014


Just have to say thank you so much.Was bit cynical at 1st over whether or not the bracelets would work but they are amazing.Forgot to put them on for couple of nights n hardly slept.My partner was down stairs watching tv and could hear me tossing n turning n my legs jumping,he hardly slept either when he came to bed due to my legs.So now he makes sure i have them on before going to bed lol x


Vicky Anne Miller via Email 15th July 2014


I was very sceptical when i tried these. Had tried everything else, hubby goes to bed when i have fallen asleep. His legs are covered in bruise`s. They were amazing worked first night, so nice to get some rest. Thank you.


Mel Saunders Via Facebook 14th July 2014



Bought these they are brilliant I don't keep waking through the night and keeps restless legs at bay I've had fibro for the last 2 years only thing that helps, well these and amytriptilene x.


Kate Donald - July 14th 2014


My partner bought these and has slept through since. Happy man and happy me cos he used to keep me awake with his squirming about. :-):-)xx


Janet Astley - Via Facebook 10th July 2014



Hi Sue. I received my Halcyon bracelets on Saturday & they are fantastic. Can't believe how well they work. Long may it continue. I have recommended them to my son who also suffers from RLS. Thank you so much x


Hilary Rylatt 9th July 2014




I am so thrilled with these bands. Even with my dopamine patches my legs still bothered me. Haven't stopped using my patches but the bangles have eliminated the restless legs from day one I noticed a difference and by day two complete relief! Don't wait, I promise you, these bands are like copper miracles!!


Alice Ellen Roberts - Via Facebook July 1st 2014





I have had these on for five nights now. ..amazing from first night...totally endorse this product.

Hilary Pell via Facebook 17th June 2014



Hi just a little message to say I received my braclets abt 3 wks ago and I have to say they are fabulous, I get up each morning feeling I am ready for anything, I have been sleeping all night from when they arrived, many thanks x

Geraldine O'Connor 4:03pm June 10 2014



Hi Sue

I have been using the Halcyon Bracelets for the past few months now, i have completely stopped all the medication i was taking for my restless legs, and have to say i have noticed a big improvement since wearing the bracelets. It has not completely gone for me but i will continue to use them as i no longer want to take the medication prescribed anymore as the doses were increasing all the time. I am just hoping that it will eventually disappear. I have suffered with restless legs for years now so to even get half of a good night sleep is amazing.

Thanks very much for your help and i will persevere and hopefully get a full nights sleep.

Thanks again and i would definatley recommend everyone who has this condition should at least try them.

Nigel Rutherford via Email 5th June 2014




Dear Sue,


A bit late, but I must tell you how pleased I am with the Halcyon bracelets. I was rather sceptical about them, but they actually do work and I can sleep so much better now.


So, a big thank you!

Kind regards,

Tineke Cook 4th June 2014



Hi Sue,

           I can not praise these bracelets enough. They have helped me out immensely with my restless legs syndrome. I suffer from Fibromyalgia & one drawback of this condition is terrible restless legs at night. Whenever I felt comfortable enough to go to sleep due to my muscle aches , my restless legs seemed to hinder my sleep :(( . Now I put my bracelets on before bed & the symptoms disappear.

My husband also thinks they are fantastic as he can also have a better sleep as he now reckons..' I don't jump about like I've been plugged into the electric'..

Thanking you so much for your fantastic devices

Jacqueline Vasquez 3rd June 2014




I suffer from restless legs in the evenings especially after a day of lots of exercise or when I am very tired. Halcyon bracelets have changed my evenings and often nights. My husband also found my twitchy legs annoying in bed but he hasn't had reason to complain since I bought the bracelets. However, I did forget them recently when I flew abroad which was a big mistake as my legs were very twitchy.


Don't leave home without them!

Tara Corbett 2nd June, 2014



Hi Sue,

When I sent for the bracelets I was really suffering with restless legs and arms sometimes. It seemed to be getting worse with lots of nights with disturbed sleep. Initially I used them every night for about 2 weeks. Now I just use them when I need to.

Many thanks for your help and I would certainly recommend other people give them a try.

Best Wishes

Julie Huttley - 23rd May 2014



I would just like to say a huge huge thank you, the bracelets have given me so much . I can now sit and watch a program or film without twitching, sleep without waking my poor long suffering partner.  The best is waking up and we're still in the same bed


Yours forever grateful

Janice x

Janice Mcstein via Facebook 22nd May 2014



Hello Sue,


Sceptic Pam here, I didn't think that a bracelet could make so much difference to my interrupted

sleep.  Some evenings before bed I know I will have problems,so I put the bracelets on prior to bed,after my shower, and no RLS, a good nights sleep.

Wish I had invested in these copper bracelet when I first experienced the discomfort of RLS.

thank you again.

Pam from Pagham. 21st May, 2014




I have been meaning to message you! I am the most sceptical person in the world, but have to say I can not believe the results from these bracelets! Amazing, almost don't remember having restless legs!


Can't thank you enough for the relief of this terrible condition. xxx


Thanks again x"

Ellie O'Connell - Via Facebook 28th April 2014



"Hi Sue,


I sent for your Halcyon Bracelets from your website and received them two days ago. I wore them for the first time two nights ago and after the second time of wearing I have seen a good result and on the second night I had no restless legs at all, in fact last night I slept right through the night (usually waking up at 5.30am in the morning sometimes even earlier) without any disturbance in my sleep pattern, and I hadn't done that since I broke my shoulder in January after a nasty fall. I cannot thank you enough for your product, and they are well worth the £19.95 I paid for them. I will certainly recommend them to any of my friends or family that suffer with Restless Legs Syndrome. Here's to more good nights sleeping. Thank you once again"


Satisfied Customer

Mrs Sandra Walsh - 12th April 2014 via email



"I used to suffer EVERY night, and I was awake 3-4 hours at a time. It drove me up the wall, to the point I was very emotional because I was so tired. I am into my second week now, and I have to say like some others I was sceptical at first, but have NOT had any RLS during the night. I still on occasions get it in the early evening, but Sue suggested I put the bracelets on to alleviate it, so far I have only had to put them on early evening once, and the rest of the days I have put them on when I have gone to bed. ....RESULT Thanks Sue"

Val Spurr via Facebook 24th March 2014



Hi Sue,


"Sorry I haven't been in touch before now. I honestly can't believe how amazing the bracelets are. I also suffer with what I can only describe as itching inside my hands and feet, which can be as unbearable as RLS. The bracelets also work for this.


A couple of nights ago my RLS started and I couldn't find where my I had put my bracelets, my hubby was asleep and so was my little girl so I couldn't get up turning all the lights on searching so I has to settle for my old method of running me feet under the cold water tap in the bath. This also works a treat but it's the last thing you want to be doing in the middle of the night.


Panic over though now I found them :-)


Thanks for everything."

Kate Rowley via Facebook 18th January 2014



"These bracelets are great.My husband has suffered with restless leg syndrome for the last 15 yrs.I bought these bracelets for his birthday,he's like a man 10 yrs younger and no restless legs. fact a new person."

Chris Summers - Facebook - December 2013



I've suffered from restless legs for 25+ years and with restless arms for the last few years. My doctors dismissed it whenever I asked them for help.


For the few weeks before I bought my Halcyon Bracelets I was suffering from it 24 hours a day and was hardly sleeping. As soon as I tried the bracelets the restless sensation eased and I was able to sleep!


That was a couple of months ago. I still have to wear them regularly but have never slept as well as I do now.


I would recommend them to anyone who has ever suffered with restless legs and can't thank you enough as I feel as if I have my life back in control. My husband is just as relieved as I'm not making his life hell anymore!

Leesa Lee - Eastleigh, Hampshire - October 2013



"Dear Sue,I have been meaning to contact you.  The bracelets are fantastic!

Before using them, I would not only have restless legs but also restless arms too which caused great discomfort and distress. Since I have had the bracelets I have just the onset of RLS down from on average seven days to one-two. Even when it does come on, I find it isn't as bad as previously. I was so impressed with them, my mum went and ordered herself some - with similar results .I can not thank you enough for producing these, and my doctor is so impressed she is suggesting them to some of her other patients with RLS.


Thank you again,"


Best Wishes Nikki Gittins - Bristol, Avon - October 2013



"After 15 years of suffering I didn't believe they'd work but I was so shocked and happy that they did. I have used for 6 months and I keep doing a test by not putting them on but then the sensation starts so on go the bracelets and away goes the twitches. I totally believe its the over electric activity and the copper kind of earths it. Thanks again x"

Kate Walmsley - Timperley Altrincham, Cheshire - October 2013