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Halcyon Bracelets


7 Radford Crescent, Billericay, Essex. CM12 0DU


Tel: 07715273718


Fitting Your Bracelets

right hand

Before you put your bracelets on, pull the ends apart gently to open up the gap between the ends.  


Turn sideways and slide on down by your hand, or the narrowest part of your wrist.  


Turn them around so that the gap is sitting on top, i.e. where you watch face would normally be.  


Leaving them at the narrowest part of your wrist, cup them with your thumb and finger and squeeze the ends together several times to close the gap up as much as possible.  This should be between half to three quarters of an inch.  


Then push the bracelets up your arm so that they sit snug and do not move around.  


To remove the bracelets, push back down to the narrowest part of your wrist, put one finger under the bracelet end which is closest to your body.  Pull gently towards you to open the gap and twist off.


Put on as you go to bed and take off in the morning. But if you feel the need to use them at other times, you can do so intermittently.



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