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Please measure your wrists and order half an inch smaller to allow for the gap in the cuff bracelets.

One Pair Pure Copper Halcyon Bracelets

  • Halcyon Bracelets are worn one on each wrist. They come in 5 sizes from 5" to 7". It is important to measure your wrists and order at least half an inch smaller than that accurate measurement. If you fall in between sizes i.e.6 3/4" go down two sizes to 6"  Always wear the bracelets with the gap on top.  Put on at bedtime and take off in the morning. However,  if your legs trouble you at other times during the day/evening i.e. when sitting for any length of time, they can be worn intermittently until it subsides, or if close to bedtime, left on until the morning. They come with a free cleaning cloth which should be used once every week or two to keep the tarnish down. Please wash the bracelets thoroughly after using the cloth as per the instructions.

    We aim to ship on the day of purchase or by the next working day. 
    Should you wish to contact us please email or call 07715273718
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