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Halcyon Bracelets


7 Radford Crescent, Billericay, Essex. CM12 0DU


Tel: 07715273718



Measure around your wrists with a material tape measure roughly where you are comfortable wearing your bracelets. This is generally approximately an inch or so away from the base of your hand or either side of the small wrist  bone.  This must be a firm measurement as the bracelets should make good contact with the underside and top of your wrist whilst wearing. Order your bracelets at least half an inch smaller than your accurate wrist measurement to allow for the gap between the two ends of the bracelets.


Eg. A wrist measuring 6½" will need  6" bracelets.  If the measurement is in between, please round down so that the gap will be at least half an inch  e.g. wrist measurement 6 1/4 will be best fitted to a 5.5" set of bracelets..


Sizes   Extra Small 5"  Small 5.5"   Medium 6"   Large 6.5"   Extra Large 7"   


Please note that for shipping purposes, one bracelet's gap between the ends will be larger than the other.  The bracelets are however, the same size once the bracelets are squeezed together on the wrist.

Always wear one bracelet on each wrist.  Make sure the ends do not touch and the gap is on top.


Do not wear your Halcyon Bracelets all day long, just wear at bedtime or at other times of rest if needs be.


Make sure your bracelets make good contact with the underside and top of your wrists, do not wear them loosely.


Keep your bracelets clean by using the cleaning cloth provided.  Please follow the instructions with the cloth.


Try and sleep in a cool room and avoid nylon bed linen or clothing.

A Few Tips

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